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Back to the future ?

After a difficult period where many were hit by the Covid 19, some of them for a long time, I consider myself privileged to be in good health and to have been able to resume intensively my sporting activities. At this point, I would like to thank my sponsors: BMW, Michelin, ESAF, Alsim, ATM, Pima Air & Space Museum –  who always kept contact and continued to support me during the whole period of lockdown and post-lockdown.

On May 12, a bit like a new birth, I took off for the first time since the lockdown to reach my beloved sky and clouds. The first moments of flying aerobatics were not so simple. Despite a strict physical training during the lockdown, the body needs to re-adapt to the sensations and the particular movements and tiredness comes rapidly.

I was so happy to be with my baby Extra 330 F-HMEL again. I also had to deal with the first steps or rather the first wing flapping of the  new Extra 330 F-HUSA, due to live and fly in the U.S.A., Covid permitting. It is funny to know that in the Czech language, HUSA means GOOSE, so the Flying Goose, like in Nicolas Vanier great film “Donne-moi des Ailes”.

Quickly, the good sensations and the good reflexes were back, and I could alternate the positive and negative G’s more easily. I am fully aware of the great freedom which is mine to be able to fly in the pure sky in this stressful period.

Since the post-lockdown in May, these past few months, in preparation for the competitions, with other pilots, we attended several training camps in various locations in France, with our coach Pierre Varloteaux. A lot of work, a lot of progress, a good atmosphere, willpower and mental preparation scheduled. But better than words, I prefer to enclose photos.

Unfortunately, very quickly, there was a spate of cancellations of shows, demos and competitions.

Thankfully some competitions were either re-established or just postponed:

German Open / Extra Unlimited Aerobatics: 26-30th August – Welzow
Championnat de France : 16-23th September – Châteauroux
Open de France: 12-16 October – Orange Plan-de-Dieu

Despite a few uncertainties, I was able to fly to Germany, for the Open Extra Unlimited Aerobatics Welzow Airport, 26-30 August. I met again with great pleasure pilot friends I had not seen for such a long time. During the 3 days the weather was not so good, a lot of wind, cloudy, low ceiling but however we managed to fly the 4 programmes + freestyle. A lot of emotion for me, as I finished 1st, the only woman in the competition on a total of 12 participants.  Trial by fire for the extra F-HUSA, its very first competition!

I also had the great pleasure to fulfil one of my little girl’s dreams the weekend of 1 and 2 August. At the invitation of Benoit Abdelatif, I took part in a car race, the Fun Cup on the Le Mans circuit. It is an 8 hour VW Beetle race, which I ran with 3 team mates.

So our next date is Châteauroux for the French Championship, and despite the strict health restrictions,  the adrenalin will be present.

I wish I could say that I hope to see you all at one or another of the championships, but it’s impossible to know if that is even possible. Nevertheless, you are all in my heart, I will fly for you all, and more than ever we keep smiling.