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Back to a more normal life

Dear sponsors, fans and friends,

Many months have passed since my last newsletter. France, like many other countries, since October 2020, was subjected to a second and a third lockdown.

A bit like our planes, those few months have been a period of rest in the hangar; inspection, maintenance, repair, updating… Most of us will have seen there an opportunity to let go, relax and take everything as it comes.

Fortunately, during these lockdowns, I was able to enjoy the beautiful Provence where I am so lucky to live, walking, running, biking… I thank BMW for its trust in lending me a beautiful BMW F900XR. What a great machine!

For me, being grounded by the lockdowns allowed the entrepreneur that I am to spend time fine-tuning some of the nice projects to come. My sport is my passion of course, but so is the philosophy of creating dreams and inspiring.

Specifically, with my associates, during that period, we finished the formalities, and the drafting of the statutes and rulebook for the development of UltimAzur, a company whose object is aerobatics experience flights for the public  in our happiness machine.

Christmas was an opportunity to spend some time with my family, and I decided to welcome 2021 with determination and optimism in order to see all my beautiful projects come true.

With the easing of some restrictions early in the year,  UltimAzur was able to perform a few aerobatic experience flights. What a joy to see happy people again! In March, I was also able to progressively resume flying and training for the future competitions, not knowing whether they would take place.

Early April, as PIMA Air & Space Museum Tucson ambassador, I motivated the children around the world to take part in the Great Paper Plane Contest, which was virtual this year. Congratulations to all the participants.

Mid-April, with other pilots, we were able to resume attending training camps, still with the uncertainty of the competitions taking place.

23 April 2021, a date I will always remember, the official announcement of my participation in the World Championship Air Race (ex Red Bull Air Race) as an Aero GP1 (ex Masters). The air races should come back throughout the world as of February 2022. I will see again some of my pilot friends, Challengers and Masters of the Red Bull Air Race, and again, I will be the only woman in the sport.

An enriching experience in May, when I shared the stage with Pierre David Oz, for an inspiring conference on the theme « How to bounce back after a crisis or a failure ». Pierre David is a top athlete (boxing), and founder of the « Académie de la Haute Performance ».

Also in May, I was able to enjoy my second big passion, cars, during a BMW France day at Le Castellet circuit. I met again with my BMW friends, as well as Loïc Peyron and Ari Vatanen, and did a few laps of happiness on this wonderful circuit which I am more used to seeing from above during my aerobatic training.

The dates of the French Championship having been confirmed for 14 to 18 June, we intensified the training camps with super coach Pierre Varloteaux.

Before the competition, I allowed myself a relaxing weekend break, for my birthday on 30 May, with my family in a beautiful hotel in the village of Crillon le Brave in the Vaucluse. I had managed to get authorization to fly aerobatics in front of the hotel. The highlight was on Sunday evening, when I did a freestyle show with the Mont Ventoux as a backdrop, under the eyes of my family, some of my sponsors, my friends, as well as the guests of the hotel and the village inhabitants.

My sporting year starts well, as I won the title of Unlimited French champion during the championship on 14-18 June. I ranked 7th overall and 1st female with an average mark of 79,027%. The general level was incredible and all the pilots gave their best as if wanting to make up for lost time.

The prize ceremony finished and the last drop of celebration champagne drunk, I was on my way for new adventures. I had the great honour to perform two freestyle shows on Saturday afternoon of 19 June, and Sunday morning of 20 June for the Grand Prix de France F1 at Le Castellet. An unforgettable moment and the pleasure to watch the race on Sunday in good company.

I remain optimistic for the future. The pandemic situation is getting better, even if we still need to be careful. My faithful plane F-HMEL is on its way for the U.S.A., where it will make dreamers’ eyes shine there. I hope to be able to join it in July, but l am waiting to know the conditions to travel outside France .

I will continue my mission to show my passion and my sport throughout the world and share it with you to inspire you to go beyond your limits and live your dreams.

And as always…