Mélanie Astles

DOB: 30 May 1982
Size: 1,75m

To Dream, To Fly, To Inspire…

Melanie Astles is a six-time French Aerobatic Champion in five separate levels, from Espoir in 2007 – to Elite/Unlimited in 2020 and reigning British Unlimited Champion.

She made history as the first woman to compete in the famous Red Bull Air Race as a Challenger Cup pilot. In 2022 she will join the prestigious WCAR (World Championship Air Race) in the premier “Aero GP1” class.

Mélanie’s story is above all made of passion, perseverance and overcoming the odds. When she quit school at 18 to enter active life, nobody could imagine that this young lady would one day see her dream of becoming a pilot come true. Like every successful life path, it is, to a large extent, thanks to the exceptional people met along her way that she owes her success.

Passionate, self-willed and hard-working, Mélanie puts all her heart towards pursuing her sporting and aviation objectives. She loves to share her dreams with the public and inspire people to find their own path, by way of her social network, or at aviation meetings during which she performs worldwide every year. Taking all disciplines together, she totals up 4000 flight hours.

“Wisdom is to have dreams big enough not to lose sight when we pursue them.”


Oscar Wilde

Meet Mélanie’s team

Pierre Varloteaux

Technical manager

Technical Coach, Pierre helps with the preparation, the revision and the execution of Mélanie’s  training flights, from the ground.

Ex French Air Force pilot for more than 28 years, Pierre was a  presentation pilot, competitor then unit commander within the French Air Force Aerobatics Team during 15 years.

Romain Guillot

Fitness coach

He is the conditioning coach of Mélanie. With a Master in Physical Preparation (Bac+5) at Montpellier University, he offers his competence and experience in physical training so that Mélanie can respond with efficiency to the many physical constraints during her flights.

André Armand

Mental preparation coach

As a professional certified mental preparation coach, he helps Mélanie to visualise her races and aerobatics programmes. He is also always at the end of a line to help her manage her stress during difficult times in competition.

Loan Charleau


Talented young artist photographer, Loan regularly follows Mélanie in her adventures, taking photos and videos during flights or on the ground.


Martine Astles


Martine helps Mélanie with writing and translating her communications as well as her newsletters, with the help of Nick Wheeler, synthesizing recent events for posting on the website melanieastles.com, and on the social networks.

Nick Wheeler

Logistics and administration Coordinator

Nick actively participates in the team’s logistics and on administration. He also works with Martine on the conception of the trimestrial newsletters so you can always be up to date.

Nick is passionate about aviation and himself a pilot with a very sharp analytical sens that helped Melanie a lot on the analysis of trajectories in the Red Bull Air Race.