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Breaking News !… and a quick pre-Cannes update

It’s time to catch up with Melanie as she starts her first race week of the season at the Red Bull Air Race in Cannes. Let’s see what’s on and what to expect this week.

Melanie, first of all, I think you have some great news for us.

Yes, I do. I am very happy to announce that Michelin is supporting me and is now one of my key sponsors. I am proud that one of the most well-known French companies in the world is by my side. We share the same philosophy of perfection and performance.


Your first flight is this morning, how do you feel?

Pumped up and ready to race! I have been really busy preparing for the race over the past few weeks. Romain Guillot, my physical coach, and André Armand, my mental coach, have done a great job in getting me on top form. And thanks also to Air France who gave me the time to prepare for the race.

What about flying the Edge 540? You have not flown this particular aircraft for a while.

That is one of the challenges here for sure, but I am really confident. It’s a plane that is pretty well adapted to my style of flying. So long as I am comfortable sitting in the aircraft, I should feel at home very quickly. The most important thing for me is to be able to concentrate before each run. That’s probably the biggest challenge here in Cannes.

What is your goal for the race on Sunday?

I want to win, of course, and that is what I am aiming for. It’s not going to be easy, but when the pressure is on, that’s when I seem to be at my best. Following Indy last year, I know what I need to win, and I have my team here with me as well to help me get into that perfect mental zone.

Anything else you would like to add before we let you get on with your flying?

It is going to be an exciting week, probably crazy exciting for me, and I hope all my fans will be there to support me and send my all their positive vibes on Saturday and Sunday… oh yes, one last thing…


For all my fans… see you in Cannes!