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Happy new year 2020 !

Dear friends, sponsors and supporters,


I thought I would take the time to change from the usual newsletter format to something a bit more personal as we move into the new decade.

In the last 4 months of 2019, I flew through dark clouds, but also in some glorious blue skies. After my disappointment at the WAC 2019 in Chateauroux in August, I decided to go higher and go for new challenges and projects.

In September I was invited to give a demo at the Coupe Aéronautique Gordon Bennett 2019 at Montbéliard.  We all had a fabulous time, and I was also so lucky to be able to take my first flight in a hot-air balloon. Completely different from aerobatics, but after a few minutes getting used to the sensation, I really appreciated the flight.

In October, my sponsor Michelin celebrated 130 years of the company, and invited me to visit their head office and factory in Clermont Ferrand. I was able to meet some of the staff and talk to them about my sporting career path and share my passion with them.

Then mid-October I flew to Atlanta for MW Motorsport for three exciting days with many activities. I took part in the Michelin Pilot Experience on the Michelin Raceway Road, which is in fact a racing track. In the BMW M5, the Michelin 4S tyres certainly kept me stuck to the ground, especially for someone like me more used to be in the air! Happy to be there too for the IMSA racing 2019.

When I got home from Atlanta it was time for a bit of a rest after the challenging air race and aerobatic season I had.  The off season is time for physical endurance training on a daily basis,  and is also time for getting busy giving keynote speeches in companies, searching for sponsors and booking airshows… the more business side of my sport.

At the end of November, I was very honoured to be invited to London Millbank Tower to give a speech at the International Aviation Women Association (IAWA), to inspire and encourage women to enter this passionate world of aviation.

Finally, early December 2019, off to the City of Light Las Vegas, to attend the International Council of Air Shows, at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino. During this convention people from all over the air show business can network, exchange ideas, conduct business and plan air shows. It was a dream come true for me to meet so many famous pilots and feel part of the air show scenery.

I also started a new activity, doing aerobatic initiation flights with my new Extra 330LX twin seat aerobatic plane based in Avignon.

2019 finished beautifully, spending Christmas with my close family. I had the opportunity to fly on the very last hours of the year, taking off from Avignon airfield on December 31. But also flying on the very first hours of 2020 from Saint-Auban Chateau-Arnoux above the beautiful French Alps covered in snow. This was also a test for me to renew my Pilot Instructor Licence, which I passed with flying colours on 1st January 2020!

I had the great privilege one more year to live for and from my passion and to share magical moments, victories but also failure.

At the start of this new year I wish to say to all, friends, fans, family, sponsors, you give me the strength to persevere despite the hazards of life. Thank you for your support and your caring words in the good moments and also the most painful ones. Thanks to you I adopt the saying “there are no failures just opportunities”, and thanks to you, I continue to persevere on the runway of my dreams.

I would like to wish every one of you my sincerest best wishes for the New Year. I wish you all good health, happiness and prosperity and may your craziest dreams come true.

I have a lot more to share, to give, to win! So, let’s go, or rather let’s fly towards new adventures in 2020!

See you all soon and…